There is a special awareness nowadays which is best expressed in the complementary combination of natural elements with more sophisticated, man-made products, an awareness which is anything but abstract or complex, but instead down-to-earth, simple, direct and capable of seamlessly matching the unpredictable variety of the mineral and organic world with the uniformity and rationality of high-tech products.

Important Notice for UK Customers


Please note that all uphosltered goods entering the UK must comply with the furniture and fillings (fire safety) regulations 1988,1989, 1993 and 2010 and as such Gervasoni will only supply UK trade dealers and retailers with product which specifically meets these regulations.
We strongly advise against purchasing our upholstered items from online sellers operating outside of the UK as these goods will not comply with UK regulations and you will be at risk of your house insurance being invalidated or far more serious consequences in the event of a fire.

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Summer time!

Photo Gallery

Gervasoni Showroom - via Durini, Milano

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Four Seasons' Promotion 2020


Buy one of our products in your favorite fabric, the second cover in Lino Bianco will be supplied by us.

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Gervasoni Outdoor Promotion 2020


With the purchase of any GERVASONI OUTDOOR product, by the 31st of December 2020, you will receive also the PROTECTION COVER.
Wide choice of products available in TWO WEEKS! /QUICKSHIP

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Company re-opening

We are happy to inform you that on 4th May we will reopen our logistic and productive sites.

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New opening! Incanto Interiors

New Gervasoni monobrand showroom in Austin, Texas

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Gervasoni @ Maison&Objet 2020


Thank you to all of you who were in Paris and thank you to those of you who support us from far away.

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Christmas in red ❤

Gervasoni Showroom - via Durini, Milan

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Gervasoni presents "Gervasoni Outdoor"

Gervasoni dedicates its outdoor collection to all the different ways of imagining the pleasure of to spend time in the open air. A garden, a terrace carved out from the city rooftops, a patio by the sea... outdoor spaces should always be welcoming and special. Exotic suggestions are alternated with elements of sophisticated essentiality. Traditional outdoor materials are paired with latest generation ones, specifically designed for outdoor furniture, weather resistant yet no less seductive and poetic. Because every open-air space should have its own soul, just like a home.

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